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Case Study: Industrial Solar Transformation with GYCX Solar


  • Client: LYNK&CO Industries, A Leading Electric Car Manufacturer in China.
  • Challenge: To slash escalating electricity expenses and integrate sustainable energy practices into their operations.
  • Solution: A 1MW solar panel system designed and facilitated by GYCX Solar.
  • Outcome: Drastic reduction in energy costs, a strong sustainability profile, and a financially sound investment with a clear return.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to implement a solar project that could provide a significant portion of LYNK&CO Industries‘ energy needs while ensuring minimal disruption to their daily operations. They also required a clear financial path to recover the installation costs through savings.

GYCX Solar’s Solution

  • Tailored System Design: GYCX Solar analyzed LYNK&CO‘s energy consumption patterns and designed a 1MW solar system to maximize energy production, factoring in local climate data and facility architecture.
  • Financial Analysis: A comprehensive financial model was provided, detailing the initial investment, projected savings, revenue from excess energy, and payback period.
  • Installation and Project Management: We oversaw the procurement of high-quality solar components and coordinated with vetted installers for a seamless setup.
  • Grid Connection and Monitoring: Post-installation, we ensured the system was connected to the grid and set up for continuous performance monitoring.

Financial and Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Annual Energy Production: Approximately 1.4 million kWh/year.
  • Annual Savings: Estimated at $140,000 in the first year based on current energy prices, with an expected increase as energy prices rise.
  • Income from Energy: Potential revenue generated from selling back excess energy to the grid through net metering or feed-in tariff programs.
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction: Approximately 1000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided annually.
  • Payback Period: With the combination of savings and additional income, the initial cost is projected to be recovered within 7 years.


LYNK&CO Industries‘ investment in a 1MW solar project with GYCX Solar has set a new precedent for industrial sustainability and financial prudence. The project not only delivered immediate monetary savings but also established a long-term strategy for energy independence and corporate responsibility.

GYCX Solar has been instrumental in helping us achieve our sustainability goals while also making a sound financial investment. They’ve been a true partner in our growth.

– CFO of LYNK&CO Industries

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