5.5kva Hybrid Inverter

Parallel Function:

It can be flexibly combined to achieve up to 9 parallel machines,The parallel system can output single-phase and three-phase AC voltage.

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Efficient energy conversion

Most hybrid inverters can be set to the following four modes:

Grid-connected mode: It functions just like a normal solar inverter without batteries.

Hybrid mode: Excess solar energy is stored during the day and used at night to improve self-sufficiency.

Backup mode: When the grid has power, it functions like an ordinary solar inverter, but it can automatically switch to backup power mode when the grid is cut off.

Off-grid mode: The working principle of this mode is very similar to that of an off-grid inverter, which will use excess solar energy to charge the battery and power the appliances in the home without an external grid connection.

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DC input

DC inpInverters are usually connected to a DC power source

Converting AC Power

The DC input signal is passed through a switch to generate a pulsating waveform.


The pulsating AC signal generated by the conversion passes through the filtering stage


Output or supply to the electrical system

Efficient energy conversion

Inverters efficiently convert direct current (such as from solar panels or batteries) into AC power for your home, reducing energy lost during the conversion process and lowering overall energy consumption and environmental impact.

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Growatt Inverter


Growatt Inverter On-Grid

MIN 2500~6000 TL-XH

Growatt Inverter On-Grid

7000~11000 TL3-S

Growatt Inverter Storage

SPH 3000~6000

Growatt Inverter Off-Grid

SPF 6000-12000T DVM-MPV

Huawei Inverter


Huawei Inverter On-Grid


Huawei Inverter On-Grid


Huawei Inverter On-Grid


Huawei Inverter Hybrid


INVT Inverter


INVT Inverter On-Grid

3-6kW-2M-Plus Single-Phase

INVT Inverter On-Grid

1-3kW Single Phase

INVT Inverter On-Grid

25-40kW Three-Phase

INVT Inverter Hybird

8-12kW-RH3 Three-Phase

Goodwe Inverter


Goodwe Inverter NS Series 

1-3KW Single-MPPT, Single-Phase

Goodwe Inverter DNS Series

3-6KW Dual-MPPT, Single-Phase

Goodwe Inverter Smart DT Series

4-15KW Dual-MPPT, Three-Phase

Goodwe Inverter MT Series G2

50-60KW 4 MPPT 3 Phase Grid-tied Inverter

Hopewind Inverter


Hopewind Inverter On-Grid

36-50KW 3 Phase Grid Tie

Hopewind Inverter Hybrid

Single Phase 5-8kw Grid Tie

Hopewind Inverter On-Grid

3 Phase 60-110kW Grid Tie

Hopewind Inverter On-Grid

225-250KW 3 Phase Grid Tie

 Deye Inverter


DEYE Inverter On-Grid

Single Phase 1-4kW 1 MPPT

DEYE Inverter On-Grid

4-12kW Three Phase 2 MPPT

DEYE Inverter On-Grid

70-110kW Three Phase 6 MPPT

DEYE Inverter On-Grid

10-15kW Three Phase 2 MPPT

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