GYCX SOLAR Wall Mounted Lithium Battery

Introducing GYCX Solar’s Wall Mounted Lithium Batteries:
  • Unmatched Performance: Harness exceptional energy storage and discharge capabilities.
  • Space-Saving Design: Maximize floor space with our compact and sleek batteries.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly connect to your existing solar system for a hassle-free solution.
  • Reliability and Durability: Trust in GYCX Solar’s robust construction and advanced safety features.
  • Expertise and Support: Count on our dedicated team for comprehensive guidance.
  • Unbeatable Pricing: Enjoy affordable solutions for accessible renewable energy.
  • One-Stop Solution: From design to delivery, GYCX Solar offers a complete range of solar solutions.
Join the Solar Revolution Today! Contact GYCX Solar for a greener, brighter future with our Wall Mounted Lithium Batteries.
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  • Built-in Protection: Say goodbye to worries about over-discharging. Our wall-mounted batteries incorporate advanced safeguards to extend their lifespan and ensure your investment is secure.
  • Optimized Energy Use: Efficient battery storage empowers you to capture excess energy during low-demand periods, then use it when you need it most, reducing reliance on the grid.
  • Long-Term Assurance: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, our wall-mounted batteries are a reliable investment, giving you peace of mind and sustainable energy solutions for years to come
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Wall mounted solar battery seamlessly integrate into your home, optimizing space while delivering impressive energy capacity.Tailor your energy storage needs with a variety of capacities and configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for your household requirements.Enjoy real-time insights into your energy usage and system performance through intuitive monitoring interfaces.

Experience reliable backup power during outages, ensuring continuous operation of essential appliances and devices.These batteries harmonize with your existing solar or energy system, maximizing the utilization of clean and renewable energy sources.Leverage stored energy during peak tariff hours, minimizing utility costs and optimizing energy consumption.

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Max support up to 32 parallel use. It can meet most of household electricity demand.
For how to install, please contact the sales of Dawnice. We will provide very detailed installation guidance for you

  • Exclusively utilizing A-grade Lifepo4 cells known for their high energy density, ensuring both safety and consistency.
  • We offer diverse battery solutions, encompassing lead-acid batteries, cylindrical cells, and polymer cells, to cater to a range of preferences.
  • We hold complete certifications such as CE, UL, UN38.3, etc., aligning with the export requirements of prominent countries.
  • With a wealth of experience spanning more than a decade, we possess an unparalleled grasp of the industry’s intricate dynamics, translating into refined product excellence and inventive solutions.
  • Furthermore, our extensive array of energy storage solutions (spanning home systems to container-based setups) guarantees seamless alignment with varied requirements.
  • By collaborating with us, you secure not only cutting-edge technology but also the affirmation that your energy requisites are met with exceptional expertise and unwavering customer focus.

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GYCX Solar offers a comprehensive range of solar products, including solar panels, solarsystems, solar inverters, and solar batteries. GYCX Solar work with top-tier solar brands, including tier 1 and cost-effective suppliers, toprovide businesses with reliable and efficient solar solutions that can help reduce energycosts and lower carbon footprints. Qur experts are available to provide personalizedguidance and support to help you find the right solar solution for your business needs.Contact us today to learn more about our solar products and how we can help yourbusiness thrive with renewable energy.

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