Tier 1 Brand AKCOME Won PVEL Global “Top Performer” Module Manufacturer

Top 10 high performer solar module brand

At the 2023 SNEC Exhibition (Shanghai) held on May 24, PVEL, a renowned international third-party photovoltaic testing organization, unveiled the results of the global PV module evaluation for 2023 and the report on the ninth PVEL PV Module Reliability Scorecard project. Recognized as a “Top Performer” by PVEL, Akcome stood out with its highly reliable and high-power generation N-type heterojunction(HJT) modules.

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) is globally recognized as the leading authority in reliability and performance testing for photovoltaic modules. PVEL conducts comprehensive evaluations of PV module reliability, surpassing the standards set by IEC certification each year. The assessments provide PV project developers, investors, and operators downstream with a curated list of module manufacturers renowned for their high-quality and durable products.

In a remarkable achievement, Akcome participated in the evaluation for the first time and was awarded the prestigious “Top Performer” accolade. The selection of “Top Performer” module manufacturers was based on the results of the 2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard Project’s PV Product Qualification Program (PQP). Over the past 18 months, PVEL conducted rigorous assessments, including thermal cycling (TC), damp heat (DH), mechanical stress sequence (MSS), potential-induced degradation (PID), light-induced degradation (LID), and light-elevated temperature induce degradation (LETID) tests, comparing reliability results across various module specifications from different factories.

Under stringent conditions such as TC600 (600 thermal cycle sequence), DH2000 (2000-hour degradation test under damp and heat conditions), PID192 (192-hour PID effect attenuation test), and LETID 486hrs (486-hour LETID test), Akcome’s AK iPower series of N-type heterojunction bifacial double-glass modules, with different power ratings, demonstrated exceptional reliability. Among them, the 210 mm-sized 60 and 66 type heterojunction bifacial double-glass modules from Akcome performed exceptionally well in the tests, meeting the top performance criteria.

During the award ceremony, Kevin Gibson, Managing Director of PVEL, presented Akcome with the certificate of honor. On behalf of the PVEL team, he warmly congratulated Akcome for achieving the status of the world’s “Top Performer” module manufacturer. Kevin Gibson stated, “In PVEL’s 2023 PV module reliability scorecard project, Akcome’s AK iPower series of N-type heterojunction (HJT) bifacial double-glass modules delivered impressive results in terms of reliability and power generation performance. It is our privilege to collaborate with outstanding industry leaders like Akcome to drive the iteration and advancement of photovoltaic technology, and we eagerly anticipate further cooperation with Akcome in the future!”

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