A Comprehensive Comparison of 9 Aspects : Deye vs Growatt vs Goodwe Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are crucial components in solar power generation systems, converting the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) for grid use.

Deye inverter , Growatt, and Goodwe, as renowned inverter manufacturers, have significant influence in the market. This article will analyze their differences in efficiency, warranty, design, price, and user reviews.

Different Solar Inverters’ Efficiency

Efficiency is a crucial factor for users when selecting solar inverters as it impacts the overall performance and energy utilization of the solar power generation system. In terms of efficiency, Deye inverter , Growatt  inverter, and Goodwe inverters each have their own strengths.

Deye inverters

Deye inverters

Deye inverters are renowned for their high efficiency, typically maintaining a stable operating efficiency of 98.6%. This means they can effectively convert solar energy into electricity, thereby increasing power generation.

Growatt Inverters

Growatt inverter

Growatt inverters also perform well in terms of efficiency, with data showing conversion efficiency of over 98.4%. They exhibit stability, especially under specific load conditions, and can adapt to various specifications of solar energy systems.

Goodwe Inverters

Goodwe Inverters:

The efficiency of Goodwe inverters is generally around 97%. Although the data is slightly lower than that of Deye and Growattt, it can still provide stable electricity energy in practical use.


Inverter design not only affects aesthetics but also installation and maintenance convenience. In terms of design, Deye inverter , Growatt, and Goodwe inverters each have their unique features.

Deye inverter  Inverters:

Deye inverters usually feature modular design with user-friendly interfaces and stylish aesthetics. They are compact in structure, easy to install, and maintain. The carefully selected housing materials ensure corrosion resistance, suitable for various outdoor environments.

Growatt Inverters:

 Growatt inverters prioritize heat dissipation in their design, often employing metal casings and fan cooling structures to ensure long-term stable operation. They feature sleek aesthetics and compact internal structures, occupying minimal space. Additionally, their lightweight inverters excel in minimizing installation hassle.

Goodwe Inverters:

Goodwe inverters emphasize product reliability and durability in their design. The housing materials, typically engineering plastics or metals, ensure robustness suitable for various harsh environments.



Price is often a crucial consideration for users when purchasing solar inverters and can significantly influence their decision. In terms of price, Deye , Growatt, and Goodwe inverters vary.

Deye Inverters:

 Deye inverters are typically positioned at a higher price range due to their high efficiency and premium warranty service. While they may be more expensive, considering their longer warranty period and efficient design, they are considered value for money.

Growatt Inverters:

The price of the Growatt inverter is relatively affordable, suitable for users who have requirements for cost-effectiveness, and its performance is stable and reliable, making it an excellent choice in the specification mode of medium-sized solar systems.

Goodwe inverter:

The price of Goodwe inverters is relatively low among mid-range inverters, suitable for users with limited budgets. Although lacking in some high-end features, it has a significant advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness, providing an economical and practical option for users who pursue value for money.

At the same time, there is more than one series of inverters from various suppliers. If you want to learn more, you can contact us.

Technical Support and After-sales Service

No manufacturer does not pay attention to after-sales service and equipped technology, which is related to customer retention and long-term cooperation opportunities. We will also separately compare the warranty issues in this section, as warranty is the top priority and most important service in after-sales service.

Deye inverter:

Deye has performed excellently in technical support and after-sales service. It has a professional technical team and a comprehensive after-sales service system, which can provide timely and effective technical support and maintenance services to customers, and provide comprehensive protection for users.

Growatt inverter:

Growatt also focuses on technical support and after-sales service. It has established a comprehensive service network and customer support system worldwide, providing users with professional consultation and after-sales service. Ensure that users receive timely help and support during use, improving the user experience.

Goodwe inverter:

Goodwe has relatively weak technical support and after-sales service, and its planning needs further improvement. Although Goodwe’s products are of high quality, users may need to be patient when encountering problems, which may affect their user experience and satisfaction. This may be related to personnel planning, but don’t worry, as you have chosen to work with us through GYCX, we will handle issues promptly, and the one-stop service for the user experience is the best.


High quality technical support and timely after-sales service can help users solve problems during use, improve user satisfaction and brand loyalty. The warranty period of two solar inverters directly reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in product quality, commitment to users, and guarantee level. In terms of warranty, the policy strategies of DeYe, Growatt, and Goodwe inverters are different.

Deye inverter:
Deye usually provides a longer warranty period.
Its limited warranty covers all repair and replacement costs for the end user, including round-trip transportation of defective equipment, all material and labor costs for the first 5 years, and all repair and replacement costs for the next 5 years, including round-trip transportation of defective equipment, all materials (excluding LCD and fans), and labor costs. Some products even offer extended warranty periods of up to 20 years, which demonstrates their confidence in product quality.

Growatt  inverter:

The warranty period for Growatt inverters is generally 2 to 5 years, depending on the product type. Although slightly shorter than Deye, it can still meet the needs of most users.

Goodwe  inverter:

The warranty period of Goodwe inverters is generally around 5 years, similar to that of Growatt. Although the warranty period is relatively short, it also reflects its sincerity in ensuring product quality.

User reviews

User evaluation is one of the important indicators for measuring product quality and performance. By comparing the user evaluations of DeYe, GuRuiWatt, and Goodwe inverters, one can more intuitively understand their advantages and disadvantages.

Deye inverters: Deye inverters generally have good user evaluations, with high efficiency and stability given by users. At the same time, they are also satisfied with after-sales service.

Growatt inverter:

The user evaluation of the Guliwat inverter is good, and users generally believe that it has a high cost performance ratio. At the same time, it performs well in terms of product stability and durability.

Goodwe inverter:

The user evaluations of Goodwe inverters are relatively scattered, with some users acknowledging their price advantages and durability, but others expressing that product performance and after-sales service need to be improved. The supply of products and the service of enterprises are constantly growing and improving, which also depends on whether users have the space to be patient.

Industry Compliance and Standard Certification

With the continuous development and expansion of the solar energy industry, industry compliance and product certification are becoming increasingly important. Whether the manufacturer meets industry standards and certification requirements affects the quality and reliability of the product.

Deye inverter:

Deye inverter products comply with international standards and certification requirements, and their product quality and safety have been widely recognized. Deye strictly adheres to industry standards in product design and manufacturing processes to ensure that products can meet the needs of users.

Growatt inverter:

The Guliwat inverter also usually passes various international standards and certifications to ensure the quality and safety of the product. Actively participate in the formulation and promotion of industry standards, providing users with higher quality products and more reliable service quality.

Goodwe inverter:

Goodwe inverter products can meet basic safety standards. Goodwe also meets industry standards and certification requirements. More relevant certifications can be done to enhance the market competitiveness and user trust of the product.

Sustainability Considerations

Sustainability Considerations

In addition to the above aspects, we can also compare these three inverters from a sustainability perspective. Sustainability is an important topic of concern in the current energy industry and environmental protection. The environmental effectiveness of manufacturers in product design and production processes has also become a consideration factor for user selection.

Deye inverter:

As a leading manufacturer of solar inverters in the industry, Deye focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development in the materials and manufacturing process of product design. And in the production process, emphasis is placed on energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions, which meets the high demand for environmental protection in today’s society.

Growatt inverter:

Gurivat is committed to promoting sustainable development, and its inverter products focus on energy efficiency optimization in design to reduce energy waste, which is also reflected in conversion efficiency. At the same time, the company has also made efforts to reduce the pollution impact in the production and manufacturing process, such as using environmentally friendly materials and reducing waste generation.

Goodwe inverter:

Although Goodwe inverters have competitive advantages in product performance and price, there is still room for improvement in sustainability. There can be more systematic planning in terms of environmental awareness and sustainable practices. They are striving to implement low-carbon development and environmental protection policies in all aspects of operation, continuously increasing investment and improvement to adapt to the industry market’s demand for environmental protection.

Technological Innovation and Future Prospects

With the continuous development and technological progress of the solar energy industry, inverters, as one of the core components of solar systems, have also attracted attention for their technological innovation and scientific development. The strength and innovation ability of manufacturers will determine their position in future market competition.

Deye inverter:

Deye has always been committed to the research and innovation of solar energy technology, and has rich experience and leading technological strength in the field of inverters. In the future, Deye is expected to continue to lead the industry’s development. We look forward to launching more efficient and intelligent products to meet the constantly evolving market demand.

Growatt inverter:

As an emerging manufacturer of solar inverters, Guliwat’s development has also received much attention. Gurivat is expected to further enhance its position in the market and become an important decision maker and participant in the industry through continuous technological innovation and product optimization.

Goodwe inverter:

Goodwe still has a lot of room for improvement in technological innovation, but as an established inverter manufacturer, it still holds a certain market share. In the future, we will increase investment in technology research and development to enhance the competitiveness of our products, in order to adapt to the rapid development of the industry and the emerging demands of the future.

Market Share and Global Influence

In addition to product performance, the market share and influence of manufacturers in the global market are also worth paying attention to. Market share and brand influence often reflect the manufacturer’s position and competitiveness in the industry, and users also have certain reference significance when choosing products.

Deye inverter:

As one of the leaders in the solar inverter industry, DeYe has a wide market share and huge brand influence worldwide. Its products are sold worldwide and have established good cooperative relationships with customers from multiple countries and regions, providing users with high-quality products and services.

Growatt inverter:

Although Gurivat is relatively young, its market share and influence in the global market are also constantly increasing. By continuously expanding sales channels and strengthening brand promotion, Guriwatt inverters have a good market reputation in many cooperative regions and have gradually become one of the high-quality suppliers in the solar inverter market.

Goodwe inverter:

As an established manufacturer of inverters, Goodwe’s market share in the global market has declined in fierce competition, but it still has a certain level of competitiveness. Goodwe has high market penetration in some developing countries and regions. It is also welcomed to a certain extent in some emerging markets.

With the continuous growth of the market, in addition to stable supply to existing markets, suppliers will also compete and seize blank markets. There will be competition, and there will be mutual comparisons and better policies to encourage users to choose themselves. For customers with corresponding needs, including but not limited to equipment appearance design, mixed grid or grid connection, you can contact us to obtain the most suitable user solution.


By comparing the solar inverters of DeYe, GuRuiWatt, and Goodwe in multiple aspects, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the position and competitiveness of these three suppliers in the industry, and have a certain understanding of their inverter products.

For example, Deye inverters have a more reliable and long-lasting warranty period, a sturdy structure, and advanced monitoring systems. On the other hand, the Guriwatt inverter has a more compact design, high cost performance, and excellent efficiency level. The final choice still depends on your specific needs and preferences.

When choosing a type of inverter, users should not only focus on product performance and price, but also consider the manufacturer’s performance in technical support, compliance certification, and other aspects to find the most suitable product for themselves.

In the future, with the continuous development of the solar energy industry, manufacturers need to continuously improve their sustainability level and technological innovation ability to cope with increasingly fierce market competition and constantly changing user demands.

We hope that this article can provide high-quality and effective solutions to the problems you encounter when choosing an inverter.

Finally, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

You know, we are happy to serve you.

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