Introduction to Growatt Inverter MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH

The Growatt Inverter MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH stands at the forefront of solar inverter technology, representing a robust and versatile solution for harnessing solar energy. Developed by Growatt, a prominent player in the renewable energy sector, this inverter is designed to deliver optimal performance, efficiency, and adaptability across a range of solar power applications.

Key Features of Growatt Inverter:

High Efficiency: The Growatt Inverter MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH boasts exceptional energy conversion efficiency, ensuring that solar power generated by photovoltaic panels is maximized. This high efficiency contributes to increased energy yields, making the inverter a reliable choice for solar installations.

Growatt Inverter
Introduction to Growatt Inverter MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH 5

Wide Power Range: With models available in the range of 3000 to 10000 watts, this inverter caters to a broad spectrum of solar power system sizes. From residential rooftops to commercial and industrial installations, the Growatt Inverter MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH offers scalability to meet diverse energy needs.

Advanced MPPT Technology: The inverter is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, allowing it to dynamically optimize the operating point of the solar panels. This feature ensures that the system extracts the maximum available power under varying sunlight conditions, enhancing overall performance.

Grid Connectivity: Designed for seamless integration with the electrical grid, the inverter facilitates the efficient feeding of solar energy into existing power networks. This grid-tied capability enhances the versatility of the inverter and supports a smooth transition to renewable energy sources.

User-Friendly Monitoring: Growatt provides a user-friendly monitoring platform, allowing users to remotely track and manage their solar power systems. Real-time data on energy production, system status, and historical performance empower users with the information needed for effective system maintenance.

Applications of Growatt Inverter:

The Growatt Inverter MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH finds applicability across various scenarios:

Residential Solar Installations: Its adaptable power range makes it suitable for residential use, providing homeowners with an efficient and sustainable energy solution.

8 Growatt Inverter 60 100KW
Growatt Inverter

Commercial and Industrial Projects: The inverter’s high capacity and efficiency make it an ideal choice for larger-scale solar installations, meeting the energy demands of businesses and industries.

Grid-Tied Systems: The seamless grid connectivity makes it well-suited for grid-tied solar power systems, where excess energy can be seamlessly fed back into the grid, promoting a more balanced and sustainable energy ecosystem.

1 Growatt inverterdefuben
Growatt Inverter series

In conclusion, the Growatt Inverter MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH exemplifies a state-of-the-art solar inverter solution. With its advanced features and broad range of applications, it plays a pivotal role in advancing the adoption of renewable energy and fostering a more sustainable energy landscape.


All kinds of communication methods available

  • ShineWiFi-X
  • Shine4G-X
  • ShineLan-X

Powerful free platforms for global customers

  • Growatt Monitoring Platform
Deye 8kw Hybrid Inverter
packaging and transport

Input Data (DC)

Max.recommended PV power(for module STC)6000-20000V
Max.DC voltage1100V
Start Voltage160V
Nominal Voltage600V
MPP Voltage Range140-1000V
No. of MPP Trackers/Strings Per MPP Tracker2
No. of PV strings per MPP tracker1
Max. Input Current Per MPP Tracker16A
Max. Short-circuit Current Per MPP Tracker20A

Output Data (AC)

AC Nominal Power3000-10000W
Max. AC Apparent Power3300-11000VA
Nominal AC voltage(range*)220V/380V,230V/400V(340-440V)
AC Grid Frequency(Range*)50/60Hz(45-55Hz/55-65Hz)
Max. output current5.0A-16.7A
Adjustable Power Factor0.8leading to 0.8lagging
AC Grid Connection type3W+N+PE

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