GYCX SOLAR Hybrid Solar Systems

  • Solar Energy Generation: Sunlight is converted into DC electricity.

  • Inverter Conversion: DC electricity is converted into AC electricity for device compatibility.

  • Power Consumption: AC electricity powers your home or business.

  • Grid Connection and Net Metering: Remain connected to the grid, drawing additional power when needed and earning credits for excess energy.

  • Battery Storage: Excess energy is stored in a high-capacity battery system for backup power during low generation or outages.

  • Load Management: Efficiently manage energy usage and prioritize critical loads.

  • Monitoring and Control: Real-time data on energy production, consumption, battery status, and system performance.

  • Energy Independence: Reduce reliance on traditional sources, promoting sustainability.

  • Sustainability and Cost Savings: Embrace a greener future while saving on electricity bills.

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A GYCX Solar 10kW hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds, delivering uninterrupted power and energy independence. Our system utilizes solar panels, an inverter, and advanced battery storage technology to harness the sun’s energy efficiently. It seamlessly connects to the utility grid, allowing for bidirectional power flow and net metering benefits. During periods of low solar generation, the system automatically switches to battery power, ensuring a continuous and reliable electricity supply. Experience the advantages of clean energy, reduced electricity bills, and peace of mind with our innovative 10kW hybrid solar system from GYCX Solar.

GYCX Solar 10W HYBrid Solar System

10KW hybrid ss specs

*The Exact Configuration may differ as per requirements.

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