How to Tell if Solar Panels Are Working(2024 Guide)

In today’s world energy use structure, more and more people are using clean, clean new energy. Solar energy is one of the clean and renewable energy sources. However, a solar panel is a form of solar panel, which is made up of multiple solar cells. Solar panels convert the sun’s radiating power into electricity, which can be used for direct power supply or stored in batteries for later use.

In this article, we will let you know how to tell if solar panels are working , as well as give you an in-depth understanding and awareness of solar panels!

How to Tell if Solar Panels Are Working

How to Tell if Solar Panels Are Working?

In today’s society, I believe that most families will have a home solar system. So how do you tell if it’s working? Typically, a home solar panel is an undisturbed system, these systems operate quietly and you don’t need to do much with it. At this point, you will wonder if your solar panel is working and whether it is operating properly without any damage.

Next, I’ll give you the following five easy ways to help you check if your solar panels are working.

1. Check the solar inverter

The inverter is the “brain” of the solar system, and if your solar system stops working, it is likely to be caused by the problem of the solar inverter. Inspection of the inverter is easy, it is equipped with an indicator light. When the light shows green, it is in normal condition. But if it shows yellow, red, or blinking, then there is a problem and you need to contact your solar company to fix the problem.

2. Check your meter

Every house will have an electricity meter, which is used to record the electricity consumed in the grid. You can check your electricity meter on a clear day, and if it says more power is being pumped out than it really is, there may be a problem with the solar panels.

3. Check your electricity bill

Checking your electricity bill is another way to do this.When the solar panel is working properly, the electricity bill will be lower, it will not automatically lower your electricity bill. If your electricity bill is too high for a period of time, then there is a possibility that your solar panels may have a problem and you can contact your solar company to check the system for you.

4. Look at the weather

The power of solar panels depends on the sunlight it receives, and the weather is one of the factors that affect the production of solar energy by solar panels. Solar panels in bad weather, because of less sunlight, the energy generated will be lower. So the weather is also the main culprit affecting solar panel power generation.

5. Check and remove any obstacles

Over time, the solar panel will accumulate some leaves, dust, bird droppings and other obstacles. These obstacles covered in the solar panel will affect its normal work or efficiency is not high, then you need to check and remove these obstacles.

What Does a Solar Panel Consist of?

In today’s social development, solar panels are one of the fastest growing energy industries. The composition of solar panels involves a variety of materials, most of the main material of solar panels is “silicon”, compared with ordinary batteries and recyclable rechargeable batteries, solar cells are more energy-saving green products.”

Solar panels usually consist of the following parts:
1. Silicon wafer: Silicon wafer is the core component of solar panels, mainly composed of silicon materials such as monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon and amorphous silicon;
2. Backplane: This is made of glass, polyester film, aluminum or stainless steel and other materials, its main role is to protect and support the silicon wafer;
3. Current-carrying line: It is used to transmit power, and the electron transfer between the positive and negative electrodes is completed by connecting the silicon wafer;
4. Packaging materials: polystyrene resin, EVA and other materials are used to seal and protect solar panels.

How Long a Solar Panel Will Last?

The service life of solar panels is usually more than 20 to 30 years, and this time frame is affected by a variety of factors. Such as maintenance, manufacturing quality, installation quality, mode of use and environmental factors.

In addition, regular cleaning of the surface of the solar panel, regular inspection and maintenance of the solar panel, the service life of the solar panel may be longer. It is worth noting that although the physical life of solar panels can be very long, their energy conversion efficiency will gradually decrease over time.

Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Sure, the solar panels still work on cloudy days. The intensity of light received by solar panels in cloudy conditions will be less than that of sunny days, and the electricity generated will also be reduced, but it can still provide a certain amount of electricity.

In cloudy or rainy weather, the power generation of solar panels will be affected, mainly manifested as the reduction of light intensity, the decrease of temperature and the increase of humidity, etc., these factors will affect the power generation. All in all, solar panels can work on cloudy days, but the power generation capacity will be affected to a certain extent.

Solar Panel Applications

The application field of solar panels is very wide, and it is still expanding. It can meet the needs of different populations, provide environmental protection, renewable energy supply and environmental protection.

  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Remote areas and outlying islands
  • Mobile charging facilities
  • Emergency and standby power supplies
  • Pump and water treatment
  • Scientific research and exploration

Advantages of Solar Panels

Compared with traditional solar panels, solar panels are a kind of equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity, can make full use of natural resources, and has a strong advantage of environmental protection and energy saving.

There are many advantages of solar panels, is an efficient, clean and environmentally friendly energy, but also today’s modern society is very popular renewable energy, is people’s first choice. Here are some of our key benefits:

  • Environmental protection and energy saving
  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Renewable energy
  • Strong adaptability
  • Easy to install
  • Government policy support
  • Widely used


Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and are a renewable, unlimited source of energy. As long as the sun continues to shine, the energy is released without producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

In summary, this article teaches you how to tell if a solar panel is working, and gives you some information about solar panels. If you are planning to install solar panels as a way to save money on your renewable energy bills, contact us at GYCX Solar for a cleaner, greener future!


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