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Jinko tiger pro ultra-high power and efficiency solar panels with tiling ribbon technology for reliable shading tolerance.

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  • Premium line of solar panels for utility-scale solar plants and commercial buildings.Introducing the Jinko Solar Tiger Neo: A Premium Solution for Utility-Scale Solar Plants and Commercial Buildings.

  • Features Half-cell technology for improved shading response and increased power output.Our Tiger Neo series represents the pinnacle of solar panel technology, specifically designed to meet the demands of large-scale solar installations. With our advanced Half-cell technology, these panels exhibit exceptional shading response, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environments.

  • Power output of up to 585 Wp and efficiency of 21.4%.Harnessing the power of innovation, our Tiger Neo panels boast an impressive power output of up to 585 Wp, allowing for maximum energy generation. With an efficiency rating of 21.4%, these panels convert sunlight into electricity with remarkable efficiency, maximizing your return on investment.

  • 30-year power warranty, double IEC tests, and HC technology for enhanced shading tolerance.We stand behind the quality and durability of our panels, offering a 30-year power warranty to provide you with peace of mind. Our panels undergo rigorous testing, including double IEC tests, ensuring their reliability and adherence to international standards. Additionally, the incorporation of HC technology enhances the panels’ shading tolerance, further optimizing their performance in partially shaded conditions.

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Tiger Pro 555W Bifacial

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Tiger Pro 560W Mono-facial

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Tiger Pro 415W Mono-facial

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Tiger Pro 470W Mono-facial

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In conclusion, the Jinko Solar Tiger Neo series is the ultimate choice for utility-scale solar plants and commercial buildings. With the Half-cell technology, a power output of up to 585 Wp, and an efficiency of 21.4%, these panels deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Backed by a 30-year power warranty, double IEC tests, and HC technology, our Tiger Neo panels are the epitome of excellence in solar energy solutions.

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