Splendid! Akcome Debuted at The Solar Show Africa 2023

On April 25-26, the Solar Show Africa 2023 was held at the Sandton Convention Centre in South Africa. As the world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of high efficiency new energy, Akcome presented the full range of AK iPower, AK iTopper and AK iChaser modules to showcase the latest technology development path of Akcome to customers all over the world, helping the energy transformation and sustainable development of South Africa.

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Splendid! Akcome Debuted at The Solar Show Africa 2023 6

The Solar Show Africa, founded in 1998, has been successfully held for 25 sessions. It is the largest and most influential industry event for the photovoltaic and power industry in South Africa, and it is also an excellent platform for Akcome to enter the South African market and further develop business relationships with local companies in depth. At the exhibition, with its high-quality products, diversified services and ultra-hard core brand strength, Akcome attracted many professionals and exhibitors to visit. 

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In the Middle East, the weather resistance of solar modules is required due to the hot temperature, complex terrain and frequent sandstorms. The high-efficiency heterojunction module of AK iPower7.0 series, the star product of Akcome, has realized the perfect adaptation to the ground power station project in the Middle East. The module is equipped with 66 210mm heterojunction cells, with double-sided double-glass design, high efficiency of 23.2%, bifacial rate of 85-95% and maximum power exceeding 700W. The temperature coefficient of the heterojunction cells is as low as -0.24%/°C, which is much lower than that of the PERC cells (-0.35%/°C) and the TOPCon cells (-0.30%/°C), has excellent power generation performance in a high-temperature environment. The excellent power generation performance and lower power loss can effectively reduce the system cost of electricity. In addition, the Akcome’s heterojunction module has the advantages of high double-sided ratio, strong and weak light response, no lightinduced degradation and the like, which can bring more excellent comprehensive economic benefits for the Middle East photovoltaic power station. 

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For centralized power station and industrial and commercial distributed application scenarios, Akcome has launched the AK iTopper 6.0 series of highly efficient TOPCon modules. Based on 182mm silicon wafers, the TOPCon modules (78 pieces) adopt the 16BB SMBB technology, the main grid densification can make the current transverse conduction distance greatly shortened, can effectively reduce the electrical loss. The Low temperature coefficient and excellent low light performance can bring more power generation gain, conversion efficiency up to 22.36%, power up to 625W, effectively reduce LCOE. The weather resistance and power generation efficiency of the TOPCon modules are more obvious by stacking half-cut double-sided double-glass process. Akcome also brings the highly cost-effective AK iChaser 5.0/6.0 series of efficient PERC modules with up to 610W power and 21.56% efficiency in the 210-60 version and 560W and 21.7% efficiency in the 182-72 version. Akcome offers 12-year product material and process warranty and 30-year linear power warranty for this series of modules, which effectively guarantees the continuous and stable power generation of the modules and solves the worries of users. 

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In recent years, the installed PV capacity in the Middle East and Africa has been growing steadily, with PV demand growth dominated by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Located in the southern hemisphere, South Africa has a solar radiation level that is nearly 40% higher than that in Europe and has a strong potential for solar power generation. Affected by the high electricity price and unstable power supply in South Africa, combined with carbon emission reduction policy, South Africa has gradually turned its attention to renewable energy generation. According to the Integrated Resource Planning (IRP2019) issued by the South African government in 2019, it is planned to achieve 27.6GW of renewable energy installed capacity by 2030, of which the cumulative installed capacity of PV exceeds 8GW. In order to promote the development of renewable energy, South Africa has launched incentive policies such as threshold exemption of distributed self-generation license, tax exemption and exemption of rooftop photovoltaic users in accordance with REIPPP. There is no complete PV supply chain system in South Africa, so the overseas demand for PV modules is strong, and it is very dependent on the import of PV modules from China. As an important region of Akcome’s overseas strategic layout, South Africa’s photovoltaic development potential in the future should not be overlooked.

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Splendid! Akcome Debuted at The Solar Show Africa 2023 10

From the first day of the exhibition to the present, with its high-performance products and high-efficiency innovation technology, Akcome has become a beautiful scene at the exhibition. Akcome booth is popular, ang there is a constant stream of visitors. Akcome staff are enthusiastic and patiently answer questions of the exhibitors.

This year’s Solar Show Africa has closed successfully, but Akcome’s brilliant performance will continue to bloom in the coming days. It is believed that with the exploration and innovation of Akcome in the photovoltaic industry, Akcome will further promote the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of photovoltaic power generation. Akcome also looks forward to working with more partners to ignite the global new energy development engine and realize the bright vision of a green zero-carbon world.

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